Christian Church

Holy Trinity Cathedral


Holy Mass                       9:00am


Morning Prayer               8:45am

Holy Mass                       9:00am


Second Sunday of the Month at 8:15am


6 months prior arrangement


By Appointment

Everyone is Welcome

Our Mission is to Extend the Love and Care of the Crucified and Risen Christ to All People. Holy Trinity Cathedral is a parish of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC).  We are a Catholic and Apostolic Church, preserving the faith, worship, structure and practice of the undivided Church. We have a democratic process where clergy and church members meet together at local, diocesan and national synods to elect candidates for bishop and make decisions for the Church.  Holy Trinity Cathedral elects annually a parish committee that together with the pastor, oversees the management of the parish. Holy Trinity Cathedral has been serving the greater Manchester, NH community since 1915.

​Want to learn more about the PNCC? Click here for more on our democratic church 


Established 1915