Holy Trinity Cathedral

Christian Carvings from Bethlehem

Holy Trinity Cathedral is very pleased to support Michael Zoughbi who has created a non-profit project where he employs Christian artisans to create a variety of products of olive wood and of Mother of Pearl.  Going to the website, one will see hand-made religious figures of Mary, Joseph and Jesus as well as Christmas ornaments made from olive wood. There are intricate Peace Doves as well as rosary beads and crosses made from Mother of Pearl.  The website also features handmade embroidery items (tablecloths, dinner mats, and even purses).

Mr. Zoughbi's goal is to employ Bethlehem Christians as life is difficult for them living under occupation and unemployment is extremely high. Michael knows the Christian population has decreased tremendously from nearly 10% in 1998 to about 1% today.  He seeks to create work for his carvers so they won't leave Bethlehem. Mr. Zoughbi encourages anyone who would like to ask him questions about life in the Holy Land or to inquire about ordering products from the website to e-mail him at zoughbiolivewood@yahoo.com

Christian Church

Established 1915